Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

What is Pelvic Health Physiotherapy?


Pelvic health is a specialty of physiotherapy that addresses the muscles of the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is very important and often is not assessed or treated in traditional physical therapy.


The pelvic floor has many functions including:


  • Providing support to the pelvic organs (bowel, bladder, uterus, prostrate)
  • Counteracting downward forces generated from lifting and straining
  • Providing sphincter control for normal bowel and bladder emptying
  • Expanding to allow for childbirth
  • Providing core control as it works in unison with the abdominal and back muscles
  • Allowing for sexual function


When the pelvic floor is not functioning properly this can lead to incontinence (in both the bowel and bladder), prolapse of the organs, pelvic pain, low back pain, pain with intercourse, sexual dysfunction and more.


Do You Suffer from Any of These Conditions?


  • Urinary problems such as incontinence (leaking), frequent peeing, urgency
  • Bowel problems such as constipation
  • Lower back and pelvic pain
  • Painful or difficult intercourse
  • Pre and postpartum
  • Pre and post-pelvic surgery


Physiotherapy can help you train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles to ease or eliminate your symptoms.


What to Expect at a Pelvic Health Appointment?


A pelvic health therapist will do a thorough assessment of your abdomen, back, and pelvic girdle. Pelvic health therapists will complete an internal examination to properly assess your pelvic floor muscles. Treatment is very similar and will often involve internal therapy. Therapy will also include exercises and a home exercise program similarly to physiotherapy for other conditions.


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